pina bausch & skateboarding

pina, pina: last night d and i went to see "ten chi" by choreographer and director, pina bausch. wow! and then wow. and then epic, amazing, and transporting. and then painfully beautiful and so much snow and snowing. and also very long. and the legendary pina bausch tanztheater wuppertal: http://www.pina-bausch.de/ . and then we want to live in germany so we can see her all the time. and then...

skateboarders' art: i picked up a gift for my nephew who's 15 and skateboarding his way through high school. ultimately, the gift is for him (and i will give it to him in just a few weeks, i promise!) but this afternoon i've been drooling over the artwork myself: concrete to canvas: more skateboarders' art by jo waterhouse: http://www.concretetocanvas.co.uk/. this book is completely inspiring and addictive and blowing my mind. opening up new virtual and non-virtual portals for me to research and contemplate and take back to the studio and add to the mix of things to be made by hand: to make by hand/ hand(making).

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