Push Press & Point Reyes & Art Barn Dreamy

Quite a Thanksgiving weekend full of food and friends from out-of-town and dancing and hiking and movie-watching and detoxing from our busy busy lives. JOY! I managed to finish the second print-run for the holidays series note cards for our new collective: Push Press. And then I also realized some of the initial color inspiration for this card (as shown in the images above). So... it's not just the sky that I'm obsessed w/ in images of trees, flowers, birds, power lines, and airplanes as shot from underneath w/ the big blue background--it's also the color! This color above. That very shade of blue as you can see I've tried to replicate in the note card. And juxtaposed w/ the brown or bark. So that's what it is...

Also, in our weekend adventures we took a friend from out-of-town for a hike at the Point Reyes National Seashore. We went to the Tule Elk Reserve just before sunset. The hike was tremendous, of course, as the waves crashed against the cliff and the sun set long over the ocean. But before taking to the trail we had a late lunch at the Historic Pierce Point Ranch just before the trailhead. The buildings are gorgeous (gorgeous) and this ranch is preserved as one of the park's many historic sites. Mostly beef and dairy cattle sprawl throughout the park but this bit of land is no longer a working farm-- just full of dreamy old white barns dotting the green rolling landscape. And so it began another version of the recurring art barn dreams. I think this is version 117.5!

The art barn dreams: An artist's residency center in a rural community not too far from a city at least a small city and w/ enough buildings for artists to come on monthly stays and create new work and then enough space for D and I to have our own home there too and a collective barn studio space w/ big equipment like Vandercook presses and also space for performances and all rebuilt using the most environmentally-friendly processes we can manage and D even has a subtitle for this dreamy creation: The Art Barn: A Center for Innovative Art and Sustainable Living (dream, dream, dream).


  1. can i just announce how happy i am that you have started this little blog of yours!

  2. I'm with you on the barn dreams and I trust you'll have your artist's retreat. I saw the etsy site as well, congrats on selling THREE things! And yes to beer, dinner, tea etc.

  3. Can I just say that is a perfectly beautiful Art Barn dream. Thank Goodness dreams DO COME TRUE!


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