very first day as a blogger

hello world! today i join the ranks of the bloggers. i enter the space where i'll post snidbits of my own creative life and also of the creative lives of folks around me. (oh gosh, how awkward! i hope you will be kind!) in other words: here i'll post my own creative thoughts, doings, non-doings, aspirations, and inspirations but from time-to-time i'll also post interviews w/ other creative folks and reports about shows, galleries, readings, craft fairs, junk shops, and performances. who knows! i might post dreams or recipes or adventures or poems and i will definitely post rambling thoughts and photographs and katrina's creative updates. sometimes i might blog about my laundry or the farmer's market down the hill or a dear friend who comes to visit or what i bake in what season or rants about recycling or what the sky looked like as the sun was just about to be setting. because it's difficult to tell where the creative work/life ends and where the non-creative work/life begins. isn't it? nearly impossible, actually. sometimes the creative recording of a life-in-progress is just about documenting the inspiration and the sources that do the inspiring. and depending on the day or week... well, that could be just about anything. so...nice to meet you here. i hope you'll leave a little note letting me know that you came to visit.

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