3 Things: Swarm Gallery, Flea Market Treasures, and Push Press

Thing 1: Last Thursday I went to a gallery opening with my friend Alice of Feral Childe. I've been meaning to blog about it ever since but I'm still figuring out time management skills (In life, in general!) and how to move between my new sites on Etsy, Flickr, Blogspot and still make time to get into the studio and make some new work or write some new poems! And, of course, how to spend some down time w/ my dearest D, call my mother back, make plans w/ a friend who will visit next weekend, go to my desk job 3 days a week, and did I mention I had food poisoning this weekend? Right, time management skills... I'm working on it. (Aren't we all?)

Thing 1 (again): Swarm Gallery in Oakland had a show w/ 70 + local artists all asked to make work that was 8" x 8" x 8" or less. It was brilliant! So fantastic to see so many artists in one gallery joined together by the simple theme of size. There was an array of different mediums, styles, and content but somehow it was all manageable in one space because of the size of the work. I meant to leave w/ a price list so I could remember each artist's name but, of course, the lists were swooped up quickly. And if you want to have a well-attended opening and you don't have a bunch of huge names-- invite 70 people to show work because they're all bound to bring a friend, or two, or seven! It was packed, but it was a delight. I do remember a few names from the show and one of my favorites was Dana DeKalb. She had two small (Not surprising, given the theme of the show "The Little Show") pieces each acrylic on canvas. One was a badger aside a swimming pool and the other was a deer on a beach. Or maybe the deer was next to the swimming pool, hmm. Regardless, they were lovely.

Thing 2: First Sundays of the month are joyous! The Alameda Flea Market comes to town and it's hours and hours worth of beloved junk browsing. This time it was particularly chilly (I'm a native Eastcoaster and I know in NYC it's not really cold unless it's at least 30 degrees, maybe 20 degrees, even 10 before you cry "Uncle", but something about the Bay Area makes the damp, windy, bone-chilling cold at 55 feel like I'm frozen) and so there wasn't the usual mass of fellow junk shoppers. But still, a recycling, vintage, junk-shop, antique market, beloved stuff delight! I scored at $10 for 4 small weathered bottles, 3 broken porcelain dolls, two bottle stoppers and a perfectly broken and weathered piece of glass. I gasped when I found the broken dolls. Treasures!

Thing 3: Push Press is pushing along. We started the letterpress note card collective one month ago w/ 5 ladies, then one week ago with 4 ladies, and then we ended up w/ 3 lady designers this round (Which D said was pretty dang good for a first run, thanks D!) and the printing is now complete. Last night we met in the book arts studio to cut, fold, count, tie, and make tags. There are 6 cards in each set, 3 designs by 3 different designers, all letterpressed on lovely recycled paper, handwritten tags and pretty brown ribbons to tie it all up. They will be available for purchase on my Etsy shop by the end of the week. By the end of the week? Yes, by the end of the week. Oh time management, time management. But what fun!

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  1. Swarm is one of my favorite galleries--I love the spaciousness of it!



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