Push Press on Etsy!

We finally did it. We finally really really did it. We finally finally really really did it. We finally finally really really did in fact do it!!! Push Press holiday note cards are now available on my Etsy shop. (Hooray! They're for sale!) Push Press consists of 4 Oakland-based ladies who share a love for letterpress printing, bookmaking, recycling, and green design but also share a love for all sorts of oddities and poems and walks around Lake Merritt and so much fantastic sarcastic fun that I couldn't possibly list all the reasons for our forming a collective in just one sentence but I love the run-on so I'll try!

So, we came together to form a collective and this is our very first print-run. 6 cards in each set, 3 designs by 3 different designers, $12 on Etsy and free shipping in the US (pitch, pitch). We'll also sell them at the San Francisco Center for the Book's Holiday Craft Fair on Sunday, December 16th from 12-5 (Which is lots of fun so if you haven't visited the SFCB and you are secretly in love with letterpress printing or handmade books or any fancy book bindings, you should come to the fair and you should definitely say hello to us at Push Press, I'll only be there for a few hours but my colleague/ friend/ partner in book art crime, Lara, will be there all day and she's the tall beautiful blond w/ the fabulous leather earrings).

And we're also selling them in a few boutiques in Oakland and San Francisco and I just received a request from an eco-lifestyle boutique in the Hudson River Valley, NY. Etsy is wildly wonderful! Buy handmade! Buy indie! Buy organic! Maybe that's what we'll do next: Instead of Push Press on recycled paper we'll make note cards on organic paper! Does that exist? Gosh I hope so. Go, green design. And happy weekend friends!


  1. Congradulations to my favorite craftista! xo

  2. Congratulations! :o)


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