Alien Body, my dear D, & Sara Shelton Mann

Looking up & down in Union Square, Manhattan.

This weekend my dear D is performing in a workshop, Alien Body, w/ the lovely and talented San Francisco choreographer, Sara Shelton Mann, and our dear friend the sound engineer sensation, Calvin L.L. Jones . They are part of a series of shows curated by Guillermo Gomez-Pena at Theatre of Yugen. My dear D hasn't been directed in a piece of theater in about 10 years but at some point he was quite certain he would make a living as an actor & performer (and his young heart was set on Broadway).

Now he spends his creative time designing sets, video, and lights for all sorts of experimental and performance art work across the country. From time to time he directs his own work too like in GADGET last fall. It's funny how sometimes we're so damn sure we know our creative and/or professional path and then suddenly (or not so suddenly) we trail down another direction entirely. Regardless, I can't wait to watch him shake his booty under pretty theatrical lights knowing on the inside he is equal parts nervous-as-all-get-out and euphoric performance elation. (Break a leg dearest D!)

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