Home Sweet Home & the SFMOMA

Two Sweet Things: Pumpkin muffins on a blue plate & D smiles in sepia tones.

It's good to be home! This weekend was spent in almost entire nesting aside from a few trips out in the wild rain. Good to nest and good to have the fierce wind and rain behind us for now too. (Look, that bright light is the sun!)

We finally made it to the SFMOMA to see the Joseph Cornell show before it closed. Well, I was gearing up for the Joseph Cornell show but D was gearing up for the Olafur Eliasson (it certainly tugged at D's theater lighting & video design sensibilities while I tended towards the birds, boxes, and brilliant ephemera of Mr. Cornell). One of the things I love most about Cornell's work (aside from being one of the granddads of modern assemblage) is the intimacy he creates w/ objects and his capability to create an entire magical world inside each small delicate box. This was partly lost in the massive crowds of people and the huge Plexiglas boxes housing his work throughout the exhibition. Alas! We did get to see Eliasson's rainbow (complete w/ rain inside the SFMOMA) and his super lighting tricks (I'm still not sure how he made everyone and everything in the entire room appear in black & white even after D explained it twice-- it was creepy!) and there was an unexpected treasure in Lucy McKenzie's small solo room too.

First off, Ms. McKenzie didn't keep the whole room to herself! Amazing. I was already intrigued when I entered the room and was greeted by fashion illustrations, a cut-out life-size lady, and a 3-D house of sorts complete w/ lovely illustrations and patterns on all 4 walls. BUT the fact that she sublet out part of her "solo show" to her friend, fashion designer Becca Lipscombe, just completely made my day. She sublet out part of her solo show at the SFMOMA! I love it. I could read into the implications of this for the better part of the afternoon but let's just suffice to say that through this sublet she used her museum powers for good, not for evil.


  1. Shauna1/08/2008

    oohhh.... a museum soiree! wish i'd known those sweet little boxes were just up the road all this time. i've always wanted to see them. and i'm intrigued about Lucy McKenzie's room-- how does the visitor learn that part of the solo space was subletted? was that info included in a text panel? so cool.

  2. marcie1/08/2008

    I think I may make a trip tomorrow to see this. I had another friend tell me to go so now I must.

  3. I had not heard of Lucy McKenzie... (oh, who am I kidding - I haven't heard of Joseph Cornell either! *blush)

    Thank you for the links! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Also, your photos in the previous 2 posts are so beautiful!


  4. hm, somehow i missed lucy mckenzie's room. now i'll need to go back soon and scope that out.

  5. Dear Blog Friends: Oh my, the Cornell exhibition ended on Jan 6(Sorry to blog on the last day of it!) but you can still enjoy his work in various lovely super-color books and can often find them in big used book stores. Although I'm not sure why anyone would ever give those books away! xoxo

  6. **dear shauna** yes, there was a text panel w/ bunches of info. and also there was an informational brochure that talked about her work and the sublet in detail. it wasn't until i got home and read the brochure that i realized the "sublet" garments were actually for sale. what a splendid twist.


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