Manhattan is Still Marvelous: A Week in Review

NYC: I heart NY and a speeding subway.

We've returned back to California after one more week in Manhattan. It was a super busy trip with D attending the Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference in Midtown and trying to catch-up with 3 years worth of friends in our old hometown city. Our stay was full of meals and dates and museums and performances and window-browsing and long walks and subway rides and various explorations. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. The Kara Walker and Lawerence Weiner exhibitions at The Whitney Museum. Also Danny Lyon's photography, collage, and especially his moving film Murderers on exhibit in the photography gallery. I went to see Walker's work on my first day in town as I've long been intrigued with her gorgeous silhouettes (and the show was nothing short of stunning w/ decorative silhouettes, drawings, installations, films, and all bursting w/ comments on slavery, race, gender, and sexuality-- so stunning, so super). Along the way I found Weiner's work which tugged at my letterpress/ typography/ writerly heartstrings as nearly the entire exhibition was text in bold colors, all caps, sans serifs, diagonal and shapely and striking. Oh New York!

  2. Knit New York on 14th Street in the East Village was a little yarn-lover's delight w/ super friendly staff and soft skeins in bold colors and a cafe atmosphere too. Cute! I'm not currently shopping for yarn but couldn't resist two skeins of gorgeous gold and royal blue in soft, oh so soft, oh so very soft textures.

  3. The Garage Flea Market was super fun. I could have spent hours but was between a brunch and dinner date and so I only browsed. I'll get back there next time and I'd like to get up to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market too.

  4. Madeleine's Patisserie became my local spot for sweets and warm beverages w/ just enough caffeine or w/ no caffeine depending on the hour. We were staying w/ friends nearby and so this little lovely on 23rd b/w 6th and 7th became a local haunt for our week-long visit. Their fruit tarts were amazing. Truly. Amazing. My mouth is watering from here as I remember the perfect pudding, crispy crusty bottom, and the glazed kiwi and blueberries along the top. Delicious tarts and the atmosphere was cozy. (I'm a bit of a pastry addict, I just love those little baked goods!)

  5. I popped into St. Marks Bookshop a few times to browse their stellar poetry selection and was dazzled w/ the publication Viz. Inter-Arts Event: A Trans-Genre Anthology (or wonderful poems meet nearly every other art form in pretty color photos and over sized pages). I was also gladly surprised to find work by some of my grad school pals tucked between the lovely covers. FUN!

  6. D got discount tickets to Fuerzabruta in Union Square. Oh my goodness these shows are epic! De La Guarda was an amazing experience (in some ways Fuerzabruta is a sequel) and if you haven't seen either of these shows you might want to click those handy little links. (Here's a hint: in Fuerzabruta they are SWIMMING over your head and at times they are close enough to touch!) What could be more fun than watching a super physical, super powerful dance performance, w/ text, a live DJ, a moving set, audience participation, gorgeous performers, and super loud music all happening at lightning speed ABOVE you?!?

  7. On our last morning we hustled to pack and say our goodbyes in time for a brief jaunt to The New Museum of Contemporary Art (very recently opened in their new location in the Bowery). The building is gorgeous and the exhibition Unmonumental felt very alive, uber contemporary, political, edgy, and chocked-full of talent on the rise. D and I agreed that it seemed very important for a big pretty museum to showcase such raw contemporary work.

So in short, I still heart New York (no surprise). And yet in the midst of my NYC sparkling heartaches for the places I used to call home, I also missed this California sunshine and my homey little nest in the world, and I kept experiencing Art Barn dreaminess and my usual longing for a balance between city and country. Or how to have that urban living experience with a big old barn studio that somehow opens right up to the mountains?


  1. you're back!!! and look at all the fun you had...you must be exhausted!

  2. wow, you had so many amazing adventures. i would have liked to tag along with on those!!

  3. hey katrina.....thanks for the post. that is two votes via comments for the old bike. i say karma is on my side. bryce will just have to get used to the fact that his old wifey is going to getone. oh i can't wait. i just want to your etsy site. i realized that the postcard swirly sent me is one of yours i love it. how do you do your letter press. do you have your own?

    happy friday!

  4. Wowww .... Nice Blog ...

  5. What fun! That yarn store, the bookstore, the garage flea market.. *sigh...


    Welcome back!

  6. **hi, friends!** kelly, to answer your postcard questions... at the moment i have access to a letterpress studio as part of a fellowship. luckily this means access to 2 lovely vandercooks, bunches of metal and wooden type, and various other goodies. it's addictive!

  7. I recently drove a 4" inch brass nail into the center of this bare wall in my apartment. Then I slide an empty can of Coke Zero over it. I love the way the black and red aluminium pop against the matte white wall. I was thinking about finding a hand saw, carving the nail, the can, and some of the wall around it out and bringing it to the curators of Unmonumental. Do you think they would add it to the exhibition?

    Burgeoning Young Artist Ralph


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