Paper, Fabric, Found Objects, & Poems

Bird & the Bees letterpress journal & Key Lime Pie fingerless gloves (available on etsy).

Last night I was having dinner with my dear friend, Marcie, and while sharing sushi and chatting about the crafty/ artsy online worlds, the struggles of working to pay the bills and working to keep the creative muses delighted, the meshing of art & craft, and the mochi ice cream we were about to order, Marcie brought up some valuable blog thoughts. She said that while she loves to read what artists and crafters are doing, seeing, thinking, reading, and dreaming she also loves to know what they are MAKING. Right! Thanks Marcie.

And so, currently I'm making gloves and journals and trying oh so very hard to finish my poetry manuscript and get some poems out the door. I decided over the holidays that the only way I could possibly keep up with my own creative ambitions (and lists upon lists of things-to-make) was to focus on one creation from each category each month: paper, fabric, found objects, writing. And then there's the fifth category of "get it out there" which includes updating my Etsy shop and Flickr site, but also approaching the worlds of literary journals/ small presses for publishing, and local galleries/ alternative arts space for the handful of objects that would best be shown in a gallery. So, this month has been super full of travels and rambles and ideas and thinkings and not so full of studio time. Hrmph.

Alas! This week I'm up to my ears in recycled fingerless gloves inspired by a pair I was gifted two years ago by my dearest Vanessa Filley of Moira & Obbie. I'm also using a two-section "barber pole" stitch to hand bind journals complete with letterpress covers. I haven't gotten into the bottles, ribbons, vintage doll parts, postcard collection, tiny drawings, thread, or paints waiting for the next found object creation but soon enough! I've also promised myself that I'll send some poems out to journals next month, so this month I'm preparing for that big "get it out there" push. You'd think after just finishing two years in a graduate creative writing program that I'd be over those publishing jitters, right? Oh, dear, how wrong! So, with deep breaths and fingers crossed... back to the studio for stitches and another round of edits.


  1. oh...i can't wait to see more gloves. wow - you have a full plate, but i think that is just what our creative minds give us!

  2. Very cool, and a very well thought out approach... I have been in the midst of opening an Etsy since last year, but finding the time has been a nightmare. I'm now into LATE night projects (all this must wait until after I get home from work, dinner & clean up, checking homework - and so on).

    Your journals are incredible!


  3. Thanks Katrina, you've given me some food for thought on how to manage. I've been feeling so overwhelmed lately. PS love the gloves!

  4. Hi...
    I dont know how to say it...
    U r Way of taking snaps n putting them is very creative....in all ur posts. Nice meeting u.


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