To New York with Us!

(Looking up in the East Village: trees meet buildings barren.)

Tomorrow we're off to New York, New York again again. This time I get to be a tourist in a city I used to call home. Last time we just popped into the big city for a few days in the midst of our holiday travels. This time D goes for a week of work and I go for pure fun! I've got my eyes on a few exhibitions, flea markets, favorite old shops, new shops to me, oh so scrumptious eateries, galleries, favorite bookstores, and even just favorite walks and streets and views. D has arranged for all sorts of performance tickets and theater shows so it seems my nights will be full of theater. My days will be full of wandering the big beautiful city by myself and catching up w/ dear old friends for brunches and lunches and late-night dinners. Oh, New York, New York, you big 'ol lovely! It's one of my favorite places to be alone... wandering the streets of Manhattan.


  1. Have fun! I'm still loving it here after 21 years.

  2. Anonymous1/15/2008

    love, love. thank you for your comment many moons ago. i am so proud of you & your creative life & creative endeavors. gives an office wench hope. *hugs.*

  3. How very fun! Hope you're having a wonderful time...



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