All Domestic of Us & Clutter to Craft

(Sunday brunch & a stack of fabric ready for sewing.)

Oh my goodness, we were so domestic this weekend someone should report us to the record keepers of urban-artsy-folks-giving-it-a-good-go-at-farm-life-for-the-weekend! I thought about titling this post "Life on the Farm" but thought that might get too confusing. Maybe someday I'll actually report on life from the mountains. For now, Oakland it is.

Let's see, why farm weekend? Well, I harvested potatoes in the rain from our tiny garden patch (I don't recommend this but I was desperate for spuds), we cooked a bunch (soups, salads, bread, and 12 pumpkin, chocolate chip, pecan muffins) not to mention, we continued to chip away at the household clutter. I am determined to get through all the stacks and piles by the end of February so we can donate our goods to the White Elephant Sale and gain early admission (more on the WES later, I'm 100% pro WES).

In the midst of all this nesting (I mean, really, what else are we to do with all this cold and rain but obsess over the details of our domesticity?!?) I managed to come across a few crafty projects that are all but done. So, while organizing and re-organizing, I also managed to prep a handful of sewing projects. I have a baby quilt, a handbag, two additional pairs of fingerless gloves, and some ho-hum mending all ironed, folded, pinned and ready to go. The biggest find of the weekend might have been D digging through his files to come across a whole pile of over-the-top love letters from yours truly. Oh my goodness I was smitten! Smitten, I say. And with that, I'm heading back to the sewing machine for some finishing stitches.

PS- We did manage to make it out of the house for a lovely brunch at Rick & Ann's on Sunday morning. If you didn't get your fill of table photos, check out some more tea shots here.

PPS- Please remember to vote tomorrow: vote, vote, vote!


  1. Your weekend sounds blissful! Mmmmm - life on the farm... I'm hoping for this someday!


    Yup, I've already done my Super Tuesday part - and I keep getting the oddest looks because I am wearing my "I Voted" sticker. They always hand them out, and I proudly display them...


    Happy Super Tuesday!

  2. isn't it so inspiring to complete a craft project? When I have things piled up, with more ideas in my head than supplies to finish them, I seem to be held back by the ones that need just a little bit to complete. But, boy does it set me free when one thing on the pile gets done to completion!


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