AWP in NYC and Thesis to Manuscript Please

(Two images from this week. More photos on Flickr.)

It's the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) conference this weekend in New York. Although, allegedly all 7,000 tickets have been sold and there are no more entries for this year. Who knew?!? Dear poets and arts administrators, Brent Cunningham & Laura Moriarty, of Small Press Distribution have created a lovely little blog to record their trip to the epic literary conference. It's worth a peek, whether you live in New York and want to attend some of the readings and other public events or whether you live very far away from New York and just want to drop in on the literary scene virtually via Brent & Laura.

I'm full of poetry this week too as I finally managed to crack open the 'ol poetry thesis after not touching it since graduation last May. I've sifted through all 200 pages in another round of edits to take this puppy from its original 400 page epic length, to its more manageable 200 page thesis length, and now I'm aiming for about 150 pages of tightly knit prose poems (okay, not so tightly knit but tightly for this prose poet). I'm aiming to turn that huge collection of poems into a first poetry manuscript regardless of all the reasons I tell myself why I should abandon the project altogether. So, may the dear poetry goddesses bring all sorts of fruits and feathers and pretty little chartreuse leaves to my doorstep and to your creative doorsteps too. Yes, please!


  1. estaiti2/01/2008

    and to think! i just dumped a shit-ton of reading mat'l into your inbox, like, 3 min. ago.

    don't read until you've got those tight 150 pgs shooting through post office space.

  2. just staryed here by accident - a happy accident, your blog is nice.


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