In the Studio: Letterpress & Bookbinding

(The Birds & the Bees handmade journals.)

I'm about halfway finished with this project. This week I sewed up 8 more and I have roughly 20 total. Again, super good to be moving forward and pushing through old work so that the new work can emerge. Hooray! If you're interested in bookbinding check out two of my favorite bookbinding guides: Keith Smith's Exposed Spine Sewing and the Purgatory Pie Press How to Make Books. The first is more technical than the second which is more aesthetically exciting than the first, but together they make a happy pair.

Technically speaking: Letterpress printed journal covers with handset metal type, an original Sandragraph (lace print), and a hand-carved linoleum block (Hello, Oscar the songbird!). 3-print run design using light brown, dark brown, and blue rubber-based ink. Hand stitched using a two-pamphlet barber pole stitch with exposed spine sewing. Limited edition blank journals with 3 design variations. All paper is reclaimed, re-purposed, or recycled. One line of text on the front reads, "For your thoughts and thinking through", one line on the back reads, "Made by Katrina". (Now, how's that for some technical book arts language?!? And I also might add: now available on Etsy!)


  1. Sam Y.2/27/2008

    The new journals look great. And I love the technical talk.

  2. those are very beautiful katrina! and guess what? you won my giveaway!! give an email so i can get your address!! :) sproutstudio AT mac.com yay for you!

  3. Marcie2/29/2008

    I think these may be one of my favorite Katrina creations. It's been a blast seeing all that you've managed to create this month.

  4. i am so in love with these journals.
    i will be ordering from etsy soon. please save one for me!


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