In the Studio: Mixed Media Painting

(Reworking the old and the new: "Because Beloveds" mixed media in-progress.)

As you might have guessed, this week I've decided to show you the things I'm currently working on (or finishing-up) in my studio life. This mixed media painting in-progress was a foray into new and old territory. I first painted this canvas in 2005 right before we left Brooklyn, NY for grad school in Oakland, CA. I was just beginning to realize how much I wanted to combine my interests in visual arts & crafts with my passion for poetry & prose. Perhaps just admitting my complete intrigue for interdisciplinary arts and cross-genre work. Or, perhaps, relearning what I already knew. (Or felt. Or intuited.)

So, in 2005 I first painted this canvas based on a series of horse dreams. A few weeks ago, I repainted this canvas in attempts to incorporate some newer-to-me techniques and revitalize the old work. I was most excited to bring my thread, photo-transfer, and alphabet stencils onto the painted canvas. I started playing with mixed media on wood in the fall (here, here, and here), after 2 years of letterpress and bookbinding training that only reaffirmed my interest in printmaking, mixed media, and yet another love of the hybrid.

This piece is still in-progress but pushing me in a new direction while allowing me to take some of my old favorite tools along for the ride. And to nod to my heartstrings rooted in poetry, "Beloveds" is a tiny applause and tilt-of-the-hat to my former poetry professor, Juliana Spahr, and her breathtaking work, This Connection of Everyone With Lungs, including poems like this one. Again, trying to incorporate my many creative worlds into one overlapping space.


  1. I'm so happy you found my blog, because now I've found yours! I'm really interested in how you're combining artmaking and poetry. When I work in my studio I have to have all my favorite books of poetry nearby. Anyway, I'm looking forward to keeping up with your fabulous blog!

  2. Katrina..
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comment about affirmations. I hope your heart opens as much as mine has in the past 2 years with doing them...Can't wait to see how this stunning piece progresses
    Artfully Yours,


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