In the Studio: Sewing & Recycled Fabrics

(Crafty creations with reclaimed fabric. On Etsy.)

Two new fabric pieces both using reclaimed, re-purposed, or recycled fabrics. The bag was a tea towel that just seemed to be calling for another life than the one it was destined with soiled hands and clean soup pots! It seemed to say, "Katrina, I want to be more fashion and less function". So the peacock now proudly parades across the front of this handmade handbag. I've named it, "Peacocks and Lavender Clouds" because the stitching around the buttons looks like cloud puffs to me. That shade of lavender reminds me of ice cream but I can't for the life of me remember what kind of ice cream! (Does it remind you of ice cream? If so, what flavor?!?)

The little mits are this winter's last set of fingerless gloves. I have fabric cut to make one more set but I think they will get tucked away until fall. With tomorrow being March 1st, I'm finding myself drawn to spring inspirations and antsy for the sunny weather to stick around for more than a week. My entire immediate family is in rural New York (think: very rural as in 5 hours from NYC) and my mom just said yesterday, "Well, it's very cold again and we got more snow". WOW! I'm out of touch with snowy days and, instead, very in touch with the rains of Northern California . What's it like from your computer screen: rain? snow? shine?

This sums up my studio life for the week (or at least the things that are finished or nearly finished as the to-be-created are much harder to show). So, happy Friday dear friends! If you're in the Bay Area maybe we'll brush shoulders at the dear old White Elephant Sale this weekend. Regardless, cheers to you from Oakland.


  1. i'd have to say spumoni-like.
    gorgeous peacocks!

  2. Looks like black raspberry ice cream to me. Is that tea towel from Anthropologie? I have similar looking ones from there, and I usually end up stretching them over painting stretcher bars and hanging them on the walls as art. Definitely too lovely to be drying soup pots with!

  3. p.s. I just realized you may have sewn and embroidered the tea towel yourself, in which case I hope I didn't offend you by suggesting it was from a store!


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