Letterpress and Inspiration Meters

(The last time I printed: Winter Wishes post & pre-printing.)

I'm heading to the letterpress studio in hopes of setting the rest of my type for a new note card. (Hooray!) I can't believe I haven't printed since early December but I guess the holidays and winter doldrums will sometimes do that even to the most seemingly inspired projects. I've had the same conversation w/ a handful of folks lately. It seems to go something like this, "Ohmygod where did January go I can't believe it's actually February!!! I had so much momentum in December and I was crafting/ writing/ editing/ painting/ printing and now I'm just getting back to the projects I started in late 2007. Thankgod, I think I'm finally getting back on track. Phew!" (Sound familiar?)

Along those lines, I'm heading to the letterpress studio to get my printing back in action. There are so many AMAZING letterpress companies out there that sometimes it's completely inspiring and sometimes it's completely overwhelming. (Oh the balance!) I think I've missed the Valentine's shopping rush (Does that really exist?) so I'm aiming for an all occasion sort of card this time around. So far in my design process all I have is two very small deer and some swirly decorative type and I've decided on the sweet little 3.5" by 5" cards, maybe w/ rounded corners.

The letterpress industry is too vast and too amazing to ever possibly list all of the amazing presses in one place (let alone all the amazing designers and printers w/out a press). But, here are just a few favorites to keep you inspired: Hammerpress, Yee-Haw Industries, port2port press, Dauphine Press, and then if you really want some book arts inspiration check out the work of my dear former professor, Julie Chen at Flying Fish Press. Like I said, sometimes that inspiration meter drops into the overwhelm zone and then I know it's time to get back to the studio and push through it! Oh, the process...


  1. I glad you're getting back in the studio. Would you send me a card??

  2. yes. i hear you on the what happened to january!

    so glad you liked aurora's sculpture. she's such a good egg....

  3. oh i can't wait to see the new stuff! i am sitting here looking at one of your cards, that christine mason miller sent me. i love it. and as an artist, i get the overwhelm! it is vast, but we all look for the unique and you are the unique.


  4. I'm with you on the January front.

    Have a great time printing. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Post soon!

  5. Shauna2/07/2008

    i'm officially badgering you about the "wood block of an adorable vagabond man w/ a guitar" you found in the studio.


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