Poem at Press Gang

(Flower and electric to sky.)

Hello friends. A little bit of good news this morning. My friends over at Press Gang have published one of the poems from my thesis turned working manuscript. The collection was formerly titled, Relationship to Trees, but I think its new title is Collage: Reflections on Relations. What's your vote? (What's the collection about, you ask? Good question! Well, it's a series of interconnected prose poems mostly about relationships between people and communication, intimacy, domesticity, gender, the oil crisis, and the natural world. But it's also about place, namely Oakland and Brooklyn and the vast rural spaces between, and then electronic communication, love, war, and then songbirds, trees, and urban gardens. Hmm... Does that paint a clearer picture?!?)

I've been keeping my promise to clean out the clutter and send some work out the door so this is a little Monday morning inspiration to keep at it. I actually started a mixed-media painting on Friday night (after many months away from painting) when it became obvious that I was not going to make it over the Bay Bridge in time for a show in San Francisco. So, instead, I dragged out an old canvas and gave it a few new coats of paint. What fun! Other news: still sewing, still editing, still designing 2 new letterpress cards. But I'm most excited about the transformations happening in the studio: 4 boxes of old files just went out the door and into the recycling bin. Hooray for movement!


  1. Shauna2/11/2008


  2. Congratulations!!! Yay!


    I'll have to sneak over and read your poem in full (I only got a quick glimpse... I'm at work, shhhhh... ;-)

    Happy Monday!

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  4. such great news! a big whoowho!

  5. Chris Brown2/12/2008

    A friend told me about your blog. Said I would dig it. I do. Also, thanks for the listing. Will be a long time reader.

    Peace & Love,
    Chris Brown

  6. My daughter is an artist and uses mixed media--heck, I didn't know what it was until she told me, but I just love what she does. Would love to see pics of your work.



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