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(Beloved junk from a treasure hunt at the Alameda Flea Market.)

Chris Brown over at Urban Prairie just featured me on his lovely blog, Urban Prairie REFUELED. I'm honored. Thank you kindly, Chris! It was a treasure-filled moment when I found Urban Prairie REFUELED through the mazes of design and art blogs and I had that "Oh wow, this is really good" moment as soon as I clicked on his page. If that wasn't enough, his features on artists like Lush Bella and Steve Wiman really sealed the deal. (Wow to their work too.)

I'm honored to be included in the Urban Prairie community. I love his quote, "This is not your Aunt Mary's Country". Wonderful! And I also declare him an official member of the unofficial Beloved Junkers Treasure Hunting Club. (Chris, I hope you wanted to be inducted!) So, if you haven't been there already, go take a peek at his work, his collections, his blog, his motto. Having lived in major cities for the past decade, but spending my entire childhood in one wee rural town and my college years in another, I appreciate Urban Prairie's interest in "pushing the boundaries of country decorating and design". Amen.


  1. Chris Brown2/14/2008

    I also I'm honored. Thanks for all the kind words. It's cool to be a inducted into the "Junkers Treasure Hunting Club". Keep pushing those boundaries!

    Peace & Love,

  2. Marcie2/14/2008

    Amazing. His is such a beautiful site. So people are really out there reading. Who knew?

  3. urban prairie refueled is such a cool site. i checked it out earlier and was so excited to see you over there.

  4. Chris Brown's Urban Prairie is one of the coolest sites & styles around. He's definitely not afraid to show people that you can mix the odd with the modern and achieve a dramatic effect. My hat is constantly off to him.

  5. Congratulations! And I love the dolly - LOVE!



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