Welcome, Miss Stella Isabella!

(Stella Bella Star.)

This week is all about flowers and felines and sunshine. Don't fret! I'll circle back to rusty metal objects and beloved junk and vintage movable type soon enough. For now, meet our new friend, Stella. We call her Stella Isabella Stella Bella Star but you can call her "Stella" for short. She's dear! If you're in the Bay Area I hope you are enjoying this incredible weather. We've been obsessively weeding our little urban garden. And if you are not in the Bay Area I hope you have a slice of sunshine or at least a moment with a guitar or a paintbrush or a poem, regardless of where you are.

Ms. Stella Isabella is glad to be basking in a bit of sunlight spilled in through the front window after January's rain. I am working on a handful of projects around her (literally) in attempts to finish some things along. This week is mostly about Gocco cards, editing poems, prepping the studio for painting, and a grant proposal for another interdisciplinary collaboration with a lovely group of theater folks. Oh goodness yes. I'm trying to create a design motto for myself and keep wavering between "Urban Cottage" and "City Bohemian". Oh, what fun! Stay tuned...


  1. Chris Brown2/13/2008

    Thanks for stopping by REFUELED as well. I found your blog and work so cool that I have added a post on my blog. Visit www.urbanprairieREFUELED.blogspot to view. Hope you enjoy.

    Stay in Touch. I'll be looking for folks to contribute to my new online zine.

    Peace & Love,

  2. hmmm...not sure which one i like better. i just read your spotlight on urban prairie, very sweet.

  3. beautiful kitty stella :)

  4. Ooooh, she's a beauty!



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