2 Upcoming Shows

(Clockwise from upper left: "Meet Me by the Barn", "Books Exploding", "Sewed", and "tide pools".)

My work is currently included in two group shows in the Bay Area. Hooray! One is curated by the lovely Greer Gainer and includes letterpress broadsides at Another Room Book Arts Bookstore in Alameda, CA. I'm showing two broadsides including my very first letterpress print, "tide pools" created in February 2006, and another entitled "Books Exploding" which I created in August 2007 for the Mutanabbi Street exhibition at the San Francisco Center for the Book.

The second show is at the Fort Mason Center's Book Bay Bookstore and consists of book art work that is "pushing the boundaries of the book". I'll have two pieces in this show including my book, "Sewed" from December 2005, and another mixed media piece on wood which I created this past fall. The second piece is titled, "Meet Me by the Barn" and it's certainly "pushing the boundaries of the book" as it wasn't conceived as a book at all! But shh, that's just our little secret.


  1. yippie!!!!!
    i wish i could see it up close.

  2. yay!! you rock, rock!

  3. Shauna3/17/2008

    congradulations, baby!

  4. Yay! Congratulations! I'm in the bay area, I hope I can make it before the exhibit is gone - how long is going on?


    So excited for you!

  5. **hi pixiedust!** the shows will both run for roughly 4 weeks (until the middle of april). thanks for your interest!!!


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