Blog Surfing and Joshua Marie Wilkinson

(Still swooning with the world of the TtV. I think this might be a lasting love affair.)

Some days I actually set aside the time to get swept up in the mazes of blogland. I mean, let's admit it, there are so many lovely blogs that it's hard to decide which ones to visit let alone to read! Anyway, it's such a delight when you pop in on a blog and find something absolutely wonderful or full of inspiration or good seed for thinking or all of the above.

And that's just what happened this morning as I dropped in on Ron Silliman's infamous poetry blog and found his incredible lists of recorded poetry readings and news clips and politics and all sorts of blog ephemera. See, I was super sad to miss Joshua Marie Wilkinson's reading at Stephanie Young's house in Oakland a few weeks back but now I can listen to it online! Which means you can listen to it online too! Quite delightful: the expansive and sometimes overwhelming world of blogland and the aching and lovely poems of JMW. Take a listen.


  1. hi

    I have just discovered blogland and am enjoying reading lots of different peoples views on life and their artistic endeavors. But you are right there are just too many out there to read. I really enjoyed reading yours.


  2. K--As you know, I missed going to Stephanie's that night too. Unexpected fucking circumstances. I can't wait to have a listen to this--thanks for the link.



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