A Feathered Family Tree (In-Progress)

(Detail of work-in-progress: Image transfers and thread on canvas, overall dimensions 31" x 17".)

Here's a quick peek at something I have in-progress in my studio life. A non-functional craft piece. A fabric-based art object. A stitch-n-bitch project that is all fashion and no function! It doesn't have a title yet. It doesn't have all its parts yet. It doesn't have a frame yet.

BUT! It has a series of 15 image transfers, 5 hand-embroidered stars, and a matrix of machine stitches on sturdy cotton canvas. It has a story about a family of women, little girls, clowns, songbirds, and owls.

Like much of my work, it has a strange relationship between humans and woodland creatures and it seems they are even related. It has a lineage I'm still trying to understand. It has the semblance of a surreal family tree with pretty turquoise stars, a maze of red stitches, and blurry lady faces.

And for some reason, some days it even has my heart. (Oh, heart!) XOXO


  1. I love this K!
    Tried to email you at the yahoo but kept bouncing.
    I really wish you could join the junking adventure. Hopefully we can provide you with a great "virtual" trip.
    I was just telling Chris that I'm beginning to think all my rowdy friends have settled down!
    Most of my usual junking crowd is traveling or producing laundry lists of poor excuses for not hitting the road with us.
    Their loss!

    Peace out,

  2. Oh, oh! I see the reason! It is beautiful and charming...


    It has my heart too...



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