Finally Spring!

(Green grass and naps and feet to bare it, happily so.)

Dear friends, it is finally spring! Talk about inspiration! And even if you are living somewhere much colder than my California (Hi, Mom!) I promise you that spring is really truly on its way. Really. Truly. It is! I promise.


  1. great pics - love how you joined them
    things are beginning to look like spring down South as well

  2. Joey M.3/17/2008

    I'm super glad spring is here too!!

  3. Yes!! Finally!! weeeeeeeeeeee!



  4. you were right, spring came with lambs and daffodils...and then, as we enjoyed the 13 degree temps (warm for us) the mean weather report said 'Arctic winds will blow into th UK on saturday bringing snow'. luckily i had a week in CA last month and topped up my vitamin d :)


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