My HOT Lobotomy & My Dearest D

(My dearest D in an earlier promo shot & the image I'm using for the new MySpace page.)

This week I've been building a few online profiles for my dearest D and his next show, "My HOT Lobotomy". It's funny, he's the video designer and multimedia guru of the house but somehow I'm the one designing his online sites! Makes me giggle and it would make you giggle too if you saw our technical skills side-by-side! Granted, I could stitch and glue my dearest D into a pretty little handmade sculpture while he turned the entire apartment into a technical mecca but somehow I'm the online designer. I love it! Such irony.

So, D's next performance piece will premiere in October 2008 at CounterPulse in San Francisco. It's all very "in-progress" for now, but the show is based on global warming, a post-operative lobotomy, a Mariachi-style narrative guitarist, and a streaming video dreamscape of dinosaurs, blogs, MySpace profiles, and exercise techniques! We've already started the design meetings for a workshop showing in June in San Francisco.

All this is to say, take a peek at the new MySpace page for D's next show, "My HOT Lobotomy", and if you're a MySpacer then connect up with the group of us working on this next piece. Currently my roles include costume designer, online networking designer, and green resource guide designer which are all fancy ways of saying, "Katrina is a collaborator on D's next performance piece and she'll be using her experience with sewing, bookmaking, online sites, and thinkingmakingdoing".

You'll be hearing more about "My HOT Lobotomy" as the concepts and collaborations progress in the weeks and months ahead. For now, give a peek at the MySpace page and tell me what you think of my preliminary design! The pinks and blues are meant to be gender neutral (so the ladies will also be inclined to enter the songwriter competition) and while I'm not sold on the color combinations, I just think that bright pink is completely sassy and fun. Come look!

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  1. i will go check it out. sounds like fun! and no the camper is not mine. i only wish. but i did have a friend call me the other day and tell me that her sister has one just like it at the lake that she would probably give away! sweet. now i just need to get it to my back yard. can you say camper bar!


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