Through The Viewfinder & Alicia Bock

(Postcard #1 by Alicia Bock.)

(Postcard #2 by Alicia Bock.)

(Postcard #3 by Alicia Bock.)

(Postcard #4 by Alicia Bock.)

Alicia Bock's photographs make me swoon. More specifically, her Through The Viewfinder (TTV) series makes me dizzy with delight. I ordered a set of her bird postcards from her Etsy shop. Oh ache! They are so lovely. I'm trying to decide if I should frame them and hang them in the bedroom or if I should add them to the ever-growing postcard collection in my studio. Oh, decisions! My obsession with TTV photos only seems to be getting stronger. I think I'm officially hooked.


  1. Shauna3/19/2008

    tres educacional.

  2. was doing a ttv search and found your blog, that's a great tutorial link you've posted. it all looks a bit to 'big' for me, but good luck with your own progression, with your creative flair i'm sure beautiful images will flourish.

  3. hey, i know you said you like ttv photos. i would love for you to check out my shop! www.jonathancapuano.etsy.com


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