Two Books: Vanitas & Illustration Play

(Illustration Play published by viction:ary and Vanitas edited by Vincent Katz.)

These two books have me swooning. The literary journal, Vanitas, published its second edition with a portfolio of seven hand-colored lithographs by Kiki Smith. It's gorgeous! I've been a fan of Smith's work for a long time; her drawings make me ache in such a lovely way. So if the full-color portfolio of Smith's illustrations wasn't enough, this edition is full of poets from both the west and east coasts. Delightful!

(One of Kiki Smith's prints from her portfolio in Vanitas.)

I found Illustration Play through Lisa Solomon's blog as she posted about being included in this AMAZING anthology and I'm a (new) big fan of her work. I'm someone who's trained as a poet, book artist, and lifelong crafter so it always delights me to find fine artists who are incorporating any of these mediums into their work. In regarding Illustration Play, let me just say this: Wow! This book is incredible.

It includes an international look at how artists are using various forms of illustration from computer generated material, to embroidery, paper-cutting, printmaking, found objects, spray paint, photography, collage, drawing, and so much more that I can't even fit it all into one blog post! For brevity's sake, I'm only showing you work by two of the artists from the anthology, Lisa Solomon and Eleanor Bowley, although there are so many others that are also worth mentioning that if this was a proper book review I would mention them all! So, in other words, I'm loving this book. (And I think you might too!)

(Lisa Solomon's "Bed Drawing: Texas Hold Em" and "Doily Drawing: Pilot Wheel")

(Eleanor Bowley's "Experimental Faces".)


  1. Shauna3/12/2008

    love the images from vanitas (will purchase an issue when your poetry/ craft graces the pages!)...and a link to a great interview with Kiki Smith:

  2. hey katrina,

    i LOVE kiki smith too. did you see the SFMOMA exhibit a few years ago? sigh.

    thanks so much for the mention - and the kind words [blushing]

    hope we do meet someday soon + feel better!

  3. oh...i am going to have to go look for this one! love lisa soloman too.


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