Beloved Junk, Objects, & Collections

Lately, I've been missing my beloved junk, odd objects, and quirky collections. Maybe it's following the virtual antiquing adventures of Cheryl and Chris through their recent Warrenton, Texas treasure hunts. Or maybe it's because I had plans to poke around at the Alameda Flea Market the first Sunday of April and those planned changed for a lovely birthday brunch. Or maybe it's just because it's officially spring in the Bay Area and I'm itching for some new junking adventures!

Regardless, I decided I need a junking remedy. So, I took to the garden with five of my favorite little collections and my camera at hand. Arguably, not all of these collections are beloved junk in the forms of odd objects, recovered treasures, and perfectly weathered castoffs. But, they are beloved junk in the sense of being beloved and certainly being junk to someone else while being treasures to yours truly.

So, here you have the results of a photo shoot in the garden with five collection favorites: empty snail shells, vintage pins & clip-on earrings, weathered bottles with that dreamy cloudy film, a stack of twigs, moss, and driftwood, and tiny porcelain doll parts. This will have to curb my junking urges for the moment. Sometimes I just need to ponder my beloved junk, odd objects, and quirky collections to get my fix. From time to time I just crave that eerie beauty for artistic inspiration. And with that, happy Friday dear friends!


  1. Hey, the inspiration is mutual.
    I'm really digging that collection you photographed yesterday. Very cool AND I think I might have to add the Hand book to my very heavy library.

  2. Chris Bown4/19/2008

    Many thanks Katrina. Keeping finding beauty in the everyday.

    Peace & Love,

  3. love your junk! lol :)

  4. I love the worn and broken body parts of old dolls so much. Is that creepy of me???

  5. Oh, that sweet, sweet dolly... *sigh...

    Happy junking...



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