By Hand

(Cover and page spreads from By Hand: The Use of Craft in Contemporary Art.)

Have you seen this book? I've been gawking at it in bookstores ever since it came out and today it was given to me as a gift by a psychic friend! (Okay, so I taught a bookbinding workshop for a friend's senior class and this book was given to me in exchange for the workshop. But still! She had no idea that I had been coveting it in bookstores for months! Kinda psychic, right?)

Anyway, it's lovely. Everything I hoped it would be and more. And it features 32 incredible artists using craft in amazing ways. Such artists as (images above from top to bottom): electricwig featuring Tim Denton and Johanna Van Daalen, Karen Reimer, and the beloved Kiki Smith. It also features a one-page narrative spread about each artist's work.

Endearingly, Kiki Smith writes, "When I was younger I didn't draw at all because I was so bad at it. Lots of artists have talent, and I've had friends who have a lot of aptitude. My best friend when I was young could do anything. But it just didn't mean anything to her. I think because I'm not good at doing things, it means something to me." (Sigh.)


  1. Yes, I love this book! The art dresses and other alternative sewing pieces are my favorite, of course, but I enjoy it all.

  2. Shauna4/21/2008

    i love that your hand is in "By Hand."


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