Flowers, Vintage, Nostalgia

And so, my current TtV fascination continues with flowers & trees, vintage & tattered, nostalgia & memory & time. And, of course, there are 117 other interests that continue to pop up in my poetry & writing, my printmaking & letterpress creations, my fabric & paper projects, and my beloved junk & quirky collections.

Sometimes I find that my interests and inspirations are shockingly consistent across mediums and sometimes I find that one medium just keeps gravitating towards that very same thing until that thing shifts and becomes another thing altogether! And yet, I wonder if our interests ever really shift or if they just shape-shift a bit depending on the content, the medium, or the project. For now, my TtV fascinations hold fairly consistent. (And PS-- I just uploaded a few new photos to Flickr, if you'd like to take a gander.)

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