Font Geek

I admit it: I'm a font geek. And many of you know that I'm a letterpress printer and so perhaps you're thinking, "Of course, she's a font geek", but I just came face-to-face with this realization last night and so I'm just putting it out there so that we all understand each other! Yes, a font geek. This realization mostly came about after spending too many hours downloading amazing new fonts to my computer and I had to convince myself to stop after I'd downloaded 11 of them. (Eleven!) And, mind you, I didn't stop because I had lost interest. I only stopped because I wasn't sure how much space they were taking up on my hard drive and my eyes were starting to cross from so much staring. Yikes!

Anyway, for some of you this font/ typeface downloading is old news. But for some of you partial-Luddites like me, you'll want to start by checking out the fonts at dafont.com and you might also benefit from this tutorial about how to fully install them into the font folder on your hard drive. I've officially fallen in love with Bleeding Cowboys (no pun intended) and Underwood 1913 and I also swooned at Jane Austen because I love that it was created from her actual handwriting. Lovely.

For about 10 seconds, I almost felt like I was standing in the letterpress studio surrounded with drawers and drawers of brand new metal type and I was carefully placing various typefaces on my type stick, one little metal letter at a time, all in preparation for the next huge print run. But, no! I was just sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of green tea while staring dumbfounded at my font-filled computer screen. Terrifying. And yet, brilliant!


  1. Shauna4/23/2008

    Have you seen the book "Hand Job-- A Catalog of Type"?


  2. me too! me too! So I imagine that you certainly receive the newsletter from myfonts.com. I love how they feature font designers and bleeding cowboys is a fav. It is the one I used for my Junk Posse shirts.

  3. wow - so nice to see that i am not the only one! my daughter just asked me this weekend where i got so many fonts!

  4. I so want to see the helvetica movie.


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