Grants for Artists & Nonprofit Arts

A bit about me: I've worked in nonprofit arts offices for over a decade serving as a glorified secretary of sorts. Sometimes this meant programming and coordinating artists and classes, or designing and organizing special events, or certainly writing grants and wearing various nonprofit fundraising hats. (Oh gosh, if you work in nonprofit offices then you know of these many hats!) This is all to say, if you're an individual artist I've probably worked on a grant application that was seeking funding for an artist like you!

So, as I've been doing a bunch of grantwriting lately, I want to point you artsy folks to three resources that you should completely (and totally and absolutely) utilize for potential funding of your work: New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Classifieds and online database of artists grants; Creative Capital's online artists toolbox; and Fractured Atlas' national resources for artists including affordable health insurance. And if you want more info, check out The Foundation Center and note that if you live anywhere near their 5 national offices then you can go there and use their database and come up with an extensive list of folks who just might fund your art! (Hip, Hip, Hooray!)


  1. thanks for the info K - always interesting to learn more about folks - great pic too

  2. you're fucking rad, miss k.
    thanks for this!

  3. Wow! Thanks for the info - I doubt it applies to me... but Ms. Nosy that I am, I have to check it out, heehee...


    Happy Monday to you!


  4. oh....really good info. thanks for sharing!

  5. great links Thank you.

    but LOVE the image!


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