Lovely, Lovely Things.

I have a penchant for bare tree branches against blue or overcast skies. Flowers, leaves, stems, buds, and pine cones, certainly, with clouds passing in the background but also those bare stoic branches on white. Maybe it's from growing up in an overcast region of Western New York State and so it makes me subconsciously nostalgic. Or maybe it was all those winters with bare trees all around, overcast skies above, and a backyard full of snow just at the forest's edge. Regardless, they strike me.

And these past few years in California have given me a whole new arsenal of lovely outdoor loves to document and fall for. (Think: sprawling rocky beaches, epic Sierra beauty, oh so many days of Oakland sunshine, amazing farmer's markets and year-long urban gardening!) It adds up to create a whole new arsenal of California lovely but some inspirations certainly transported from coast to coast. Dear lovelies.

And other lovelies... these blog banners make me swoon: Stash Studios, Interior Divine, and My Polaroid Blog. Add them to the long list of things that are swoon-inducing. And as blog banners and sidebars and posts are always subject to change or deletion, take a peek soon while they're here for your peeking. Lovely, lovely things.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the mention! I too have a thing for objects against the sky. This probably reflects a bit heavy in my portfolio. In fact, we were just out doing a shoot - chasing evening light and Texas thunderheads. Always an adventure, C


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