Monterey Bay Aquarium & Inspirations

(Jellies at the aquarium: Brilliant pink & orange on blue.)

I was completely and utterly fascinated by a recent trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I can't believe it's only 2 hours away and this was my first trip. Such inspiration! I didn't have any of the conflicted feelings I usually have about viewing captive animals and maybe that's because the exhibitions were so beautifully designed that I forgot my conflicts! Or maybe that's because the benefits of research, conservation, and rehabilitation were so blatantly clear and I was so blatantly impressed with this huge establishment and so my entire experience was inspired and dreamy.

(Sea anemone and my mother called these "Ocean flowers". So true.)

Regardless, the place is gorgeous. I felt like I'd been completely submerged in the ocean's depths while having a very privileged experience of being face-to-face with tropical fish, sharks, turtles, jellies, sea anemone, octopus, sea otters and more. And it reminded me how I've long believed that the sciences and arts are closely linked. Not only by the ways in which artists are inspired by the sciences or ways in which the sciences are documented through the arts, but also the thinking and processing parts of both disciplines including careful research, analyzing, observing, and documenting. In this way, the two fields seems so interwoven. And beautifully so.

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