New Gocco Print

("Rustic Romance" limited edition print.)

Hello friends. I hope you had a lovely weekend. I spent mine making this new Gocco print, using my new recipe book to bake cupcakes for my sweetheart's birthday, and taking an impromptu trip to the beach. TGIF, right?!? Anyway, here's the new Gocco print. It seems I'm on a deer theme in my printing life. Perhaps my obsessions are moving from songbirds to deer. Maybe squirrels, opossums, skunks, and woodchucks will emerge next. Who knows!

Anyway, this little print is a limited edition, 2-color Gocco design, printed on reclaimed printmaking paper. The background (lime green) is an image of vintage wallpaper and the foreground (navy blue) is a collaged version of the flowers from that wallpaper image and a taxidermy mounted deer head! I was interested in contrasting a "trophy" deer head against the sweet nostalgia of vintage wallpaper. I considered calling it, "Decorative: Things that Hang on the Wall" but that just wasn't as appealing as "Rustic Romance".

So, they measure 6" square and I only printed 24 of them. I also printed 15 gift tags using cropped versions of these two prints. Both are now available on Etsy. And happy Monday to you!


  1. Chris Brown4/15/2008

    Great print.


  2. Ooh, I love it!! I'm also gravitating more towards woodland creatures; must be something in the zeitgeist!


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