Places to Go and People to See!

I'm not trying to be Bay Area-centric but there's a bunch of art happenings this weekend so I just had to spread a little news. (Forgive me, dear non-Bay Area blog friends, I promise you are not forgotten!)
  1. The San Francisco International Film Festival opened last night and my sweetie did a video installation of clouds in the lobby so we were given two free tickets to the swanky opening event. As of last night, the Festival is now officially open and running for the next 2 weeks and it's certainly worth a peek.
  2. ODC is presenting a dance festival over at the beloved Theater Artaud. (If you've never been to Theater Artaud, it's worth the ticket just to walk around that dreamy space and contemplate the huge wall of former-factory windows.) My sweetie's collaborator, Sara Shelton Mann, is being presented next weekend as part of this festival and her work is smart and surprising and subtle and I love it for all these reasons and more. (And, for those of you who know my dearest D personally, next weekend he's performing in Sara's piece, Inspirare, after many years behind the scenes as a designer/ producer/ director. So that's certainly an incentive for me to attend and maybe it's an incentive for you too.)
  3. There's an Artifact poetry reading at the Oakland Art Gallery on Saturday night featuring Rae Armantrout, Alli Warren, and C.S. Giscombe and it promises to be good. Not to mention, with Artifact in this new reading space you simultaneously get to check out the art gallery while you're listening to poetry so that makes it doubly good.
  4. My friend Elizabeth Andersen has an opening reception for her painting exhibit at Luka's on Grand Ave in Oakland on Sunday. (Liz was a poetry cohort of mine in grad school and it's always wonderful to watch someone move from one artistic discipline to another.)
  5. There's also a new InkBoat show, c(H)ord, at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and we have tickets for tonight so that's promising if you're at all interested in experimental dance or Butoh.
  6. Lastly, on a slightly separate note, if you haven't been to the Grand Lake Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning then you should schedule that in for tomorrow, for certain. It's a great Oakland farmer's market with booth upon booth of local and organic produce, a strip of craft booths which are absolutely adorable, live music near the hot food tents, and there's even some fun blow-up structures for kids to play on. Last weekend there was also a mini petting zoo complete with rabbits, chickens, and miniature horses! Whatever you do this weekend, Happy Friday dear friends!


  1. this is why i almost get overwhelmed and hyperventilate; allllllll those amazing things to do!! holy moly - i want to do every single one of those things. the cloud installation sounds pretty divine :)

  2. oh Katrina, you make me swoon for the bay area. for sf and for oakland and the warm days walking around oakland admiring fuchsias and rosemary. and a night on the town with fantastic art.For all my swooning I feel good where I am though! Baby's birthday was today and we had a grrreat day! xxoo


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