"Supa Fly" Fun at Point Reyes Station

("Supa Fly Monkeys" diptych from our trip to Point Reyes.)

These are, perhaps, two of my all-time favorite photos ever! This weekend, my dearest D and I took a day trip to Point Reyes Station (where I learned about Marin Organic), Point Reyes National Seashore, and the Tule Elk Trail at Pierce Point Ranch. It was a gorgeous day filled with blue skies, high winds, hot sun, and plenty of amazing wildlife including tule elk, acres of wildflowers, hawks, finches, and the most beautiful blue swallows .

But one of my favorite moments was our post-picnic photo shoot staring us as overgrown teenagers and this wonderfully weathered and fallen tree. There are a bunch of photos, which I will upload to Flickr throughout the week, but these are two of my absolute favorites. A good Monday morning antidote and reminder that sometimes the best work (creative or otherwise) can only happen after some serious play. I think that's another key to inspiration: vacation! Happy Monday to you.

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