Woman with a Red Sweater

In addition to the recent manuscript edits, I have two TTV projects in the makes (I'll tell you about the 2nd one soon). The first one is the self-portrait series Woman with a Red Sweater in which I've posed as the main character in two different settings: A historic farm house with a brilliant yellow porch and alongside the California poppies near an old weathered barn. (Remember this post from a few weeks ago? It shows another photo from the series, without the digital alterations.)

I admit that I'm not very far from my "normal" character in these shots but they are an experiment (like the spring photos, In the Garden with Heels) in character study, self-reflexion, and also in that ever interesting line between memoir and fiction. Oh gosh, that line! Perhaps this will all result in a sort of Cindy Sherman series with me posing as various characters in various settings. Who knows! In the meantime, I'm working on adding 3 very simple elements to these photos:
  1. A very short poem to travel throughout the various photographs with just one word or phrase on each photo. (Perhaps a subversive play on William Carlos Williams' poem "The Red Wheelbarrow", whose tidiness aggravates and intrigues me to no end.)
  2. A typewriter font that will only be used for numbers and/or counting.
  3. A digital bird added to the photo and traced in a contrasting color.
It's all still in-the-works but it's my first attempt at making a digital book. Or in adapting my book arts skills to a digital medium. Okay, I admit, I wouldn't be surprised if this digital book becomes a tactile book in the future! I've thought about printing the altered photos and further altering them by hand (thread, paint, ink, photo transfers, etc.) or printing them and somehow binding them into a book (maybe simply with a handmade box). But for now, I'm just experimenting with some digital digs!

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  1. sounds like a really interesting project and reading about all you are doing makes me feel better about all that I am doing because most people regard my project list as if I were insane ;-)


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.