Alameda Flea Market

(Alameda Flea Market moments from my Beloved Junk collection.)

Some of you have read my previous Alameda Flea Market rants and raves and true-love-forever declarations! But I just wanted to point to some other folks posting their own Alameda Flea loves this week in the blogosphere. Pop in on SFGirlByBay and her guest blog over at design*sponge for some great Alameda Flea Market moments.

And so, dear blog friends, the sun is shining, the winter purging is complete, and it seems high time for some summer junking adventures, road trips, and rambling ways. Flea markets and sidewalk junk shops and yard sales and auctions for some easy Sunday browsing. Just one more reason I'm happy for spring.


  1. hello sweet girl- i wish i didnt live so far away from this market-it just looks like a dream-singing and skipping -jo


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