Edits, Edits, Edits

(4 parts writer: Editing my manuscript, again.)

Here's where you can find me lately, in the photos above. Nearly all of my recent creative time has been spent editing my dear poetry manuscript. I sit at the kitchen table (or a local cafe, depending on the hour and the day), I drink too much black tea, I forget to eat well-balanced meals, I don't answer my cellphone, I consult my stack of reference books/ art books/ gardening books, and my dear Stella Isabella curls up nearby to keep me company.

Sounds so sweet, doesn't it? And yet sometimes it's the most tedious and maddening and heartbreaking work! The honeymoon phase of the work is over. The pouring/ imagining/ creating portion of the writing is done. Now I have to surrender to my own editor and critic so that the manuscript can be realized as a finished project. Eeek! It's maddening. And yet it's delightful to actually see a bit of light at the end of a 3-year tunnel because I'm nearly finished with this book. Wahoo! Then comes the attempts at publishing. (Complete with plenty of research, rejections, photocopies, stamps, deep breaths and fingers crossed.)

And have you ever found yourself working on a big project and someone says, "So what are you working on now?", and you respond with, "Oh, I'm still chipping away at that big old project", and they sort of nod their head as if to say, "Yea, yea, that old thing still, eh?", and you want to yell, "No! No! Really! I am really working at this big old thing nearly everyday". Yes. Yes. So it goes. And so, I'm actually and wholeheartedly editing this beastly darling down to a nearly finished first book. It's super exciting, super daunting, and super terrifying all at once. But the best part is: I'm almost finished! For the first time in 3 years, I can actually believe this project has an end.

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