Mutanabbi Coalition

I just found out that this broadside is about to have another exhibition. Exciting news! I joined the Mutanabbi Coalition last summer when Beau Beausoleil founded the project as a series of poetry readings and then spread the news to book artist, Kathy Walkup, who organized a simultaneous broadside project. The exhibition "Mutanabbi Street Starts Here" included 40 different letterpress printers and I hopped on board with a few different sewing variations for this 3-color broadside. (Can you see the third shade of blue ink?)

Initially, the project had a reading at the San Francisco Public Library in August 2007 and then an exhibition at the San Francisco Center for the Book. There have been several readings as organized by Beau and Kathy but I just got news that the exhibition will soon be installed at Florida Atlantic University. Supposedly there is also an upcoming digital archive project at FAU to make the broadsides available online. AND they've raised $3,300 in broadside sales to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Wahoo!

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