The Interdisciplinary & The Writer/ Reader

(From the recent self-portrait series "Woman with a Red Sweater".)

Dear friends: Thank you for your votes in my poll and thank you for your comments too. (There are still 10 days left if you haven't voted yet and even if you're visiting this blog for the first time, you are still invited to vote.) And because of the thoughtful comments by Jennifer, Cheryl, and Lisa, I was hoping to add another category to the poll currently running on my sidebar but it turns out I can't add a category once the voting has started. Aw, rats! This is all a very good exercise for me, I tell you. The new category would have read, "I'm all about the interdisciplinary, baby." But I wanted to say one more thing about the poll regardless of the nonexistent new category.

So one more thing: I decided to create that poll so that I could learn a little bit about YOU, my dear blog readers. Because like any creative project there is the creator and there is the witness (or the writer and the reader, or the artist and the viewer, or the performer and the audience) and I just want to be aware of that necessary relationship. And-- unlike a book where I might never have the chance to interact with my readers because it's limited by time and place and because it isn't an ongoing online conversation-- here in the blogosphere we can actually create a dialog and inform each other and even collaborate in that way. And I often struggle with ways in which I can create community out of this blog because that community seems so implicit in the medium. Doesn't it? So, as much as I deliberate about my own identity as an artist/ poet/ junker/ crafter/ maker-of-things, I also want to know what you, dear readers, are most excited to find here.

It's like we're sitting down over tea and scones (or beer and chips depending on the moment) and we're having a heart-to-heart about this here blog. And I'm saying, "My blog is just one part of my creative life and I struggle with how I should combine creative disciplines in my physical life so I'm finding that I'm struggling with that same question in my online life. Oh gosh, of course! And more so, I really want to know about the community of folks reading my blog. I mean, some of them have blogs of their own and I get to know them through their own blogs but some of them don't have blogs or don't leave comments or (like me) have various creative parts and I get the feeling that their blogs only capture a few parts of the bigger whole. Phew! So... do you think I could start to get at some of these questions with an anonymous 2-week reader's poll?" And then you say...

(And then I say, "THANK YOU for addressing these questions with me, they are oftentimes at the center of my creative work." xoxo, k.)


  1. Chris Brown / Urban Prairie5/12/2008

    My two cents?...just do everything you love and combine it into one business/lifestyle like me. I design, collect, style, photograph and now, publish. Variety is the spice of life.

    Peace & Love,

  2. Shauna5/14/2008

    dear k-
    firstly, this picture is lovely. Secondly, so is the most recent viewfinder series you posted on your flickr page.

    And thirdly you ask what I'm interested in--
    1. inspiration (artist's life, reflections, beautiful pictures, samples of what you're working on...)
    2. eye candy (photos, samples of your work, design, books..)
    3. feeling transported to a different place (photos, writing samples...)



Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.