Point Arena Poetry Pleasures

(The Old City Art Gallery and a bit of California.)

The poetry reading in Point Arena was absolutely delightful. Thank you to Blake and the community of poets who so warmly welcomed me into their Thursday night reading series as a featured guest. Quite a treat to visit that enchanted little town and to take a few days camping, rambling, and generally decompressing from a busy and stressful spring. Thank you poets, for creating such a cozy space and for asking me to join you.

(The guest house beaming with converted charm.)

As if the gallery that hosted the reading wasn't cute enough (in it's brilliant shade of red and huge beaming circle of gold) Blake's house was certainly an added delight. My, oh my, did my Art Barn dreams kick into full gear and my wild heart set sail into those evergreen hills beyond the one-bedroom cottage. David and I had the honor of staying in the guest house/ converted school bus that was bursting at the seams with Blake's creativity and charm. Not to mention, it was fully equip with an outdoor shower and two cast iron tubs that overlooked her garden, studio, and solar panel shed. Did I mention her property is completely solar panel energized and off the grid? What a green design delight.

(D in the driver's seat & the outdoor tubs.)

We spent the rest of the weekend visiting Mendocino, Fort Bragg, and further exploring Point Arena before turning into the redwoods for a few days of river-swimming, campfire-making, and general easy-going. We managed to do a bit of junking in an huge old barn right off route 1 and also in a few small town shops along the way. We did drive back out to the coast to beat the 95 degree heat and took respite making an Andy Goldsworthy tribute which we ironically titled "Our First Egg". It was great fun to collect armfuls of driftwood and then precariously stack one small stick on top of the other until our egg started to take shape. A little sunburn on the nose to prove that we were out there stacking sticks for longer than anticipated!

(D stacks driftwood for our Goldsworthy tribute collaboration.)

The weekend was an absolute delight and certainly set the tug-of-war in full motion between the rural rambles and the city cultures that continue to fight it out in my heart. I have to wonder if either will ever really win. Perhaps this is just one more place where I have to tip my hat to being a hybrid: half-city powered and half-country.

(Contemplating my hybridity: country girl long gone urban.)


  1. Chris Brown5/20/2008

    Looks like a really cool place to visit and recharge your creative battery.

    Peace & Love,

  2. I love this post. What a wonderful experience. Great stacking and my favorite photo is the one at the end with you looking up. Wow!

  3. i like that idea, a hybrid city/country kinda girl/life :) that's me too! sounds like a perfect weekend!!


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