SPC: Fresh & Spring & Things!

(Self Portrait Challenge for May: Fresh!)

It's spring. It's true. It's official. It's obvious. It's wonderful and full of change and transition and realignment and with that comes new distractions and joys and inspirations too! I'm finding that my yarn and fabric and other indoor crafting activities are being traded for more portable mediums like photography and poems. My time in the printing studio is pushed back to evenings after the sun has set and I've had sewing projects on the back burner for a few weeks but I just can't seem to finish. And yet, I'm okay with this for now. It's just part of my seasonal inspiration cycle!

Instead, I want to hike and picnic and take long walks through the city documenting my fellow urban friends who are, like me, coming out of hibernation in all sorts of inspiring ways. So, for now, I'm letting the knitting needles and fabrics sit pretty in the studio as I forge ahead with photographs and poems. Knowing the printmaking and junking and other found objects will soon make their way into spring's repertoire of inspired mediums. But, for now, I'm happy to have some inspirations that are portable too. And you?

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  1. Being a full-time day-time worker bee means that I forget that spring has started. It's quite tragic really.

    My yarn is also on hold--I have the bottom 6 inches of a sleeveless (spring) sweater completed though it's been sitting under my bed, untouched, for weeks, put on hold for a poem, a long poem that I'm working furiously on for the eyes of you for now (soon), and the ears of anyone who wants to hear in a couple weeks.

    This weekend, however, promises to be beautiful, and so a little beautiful boy and I are sure to be out collecting flowers and stories!


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