4 Things...

  • Thing 1: We made it back alive! Our two-day trip from Oakland, CA to Phoenix, AZ and back to Oakland, CA was full of driving, driving, driving! Luckily, this theater set we picked up in Phoenix did not consist of any livestock or withering roses. Phew! We did manage to stop at several random and intriguing eateries including this little diner (above). Mostly, this trip reminded me that I prefer to ramble on my road trips instead of driving for hours on end. Alas! We are home and the performance set is safely at the theater.
  • Thing 2: If you are in the Bay Area and want to see the efforts of our AZ trip, the set will be fully functional for tomorrow night's show at the Napa Valley Opera House. (And again on June 20th at the Cowell Theater in SF.) For this performance I am merely the messenger (or transporter) but the show is based on Buckminster Fuller and is supposed to be quite good.
  • Thing 3: If you haven't heard through the blogosphere already, Amy Ross has a show opening up at Rare Device in SF tomorrow night. I've yet to visit Rare Device so I'm expecting to start swooning the minute I walk in the door. And I'm super excited to see Amy's work up-close and personal.
  • Thing 4: If you're near NYC, check out this poetry reading with Jen Bervin, Robert Fitterman, and Nayland Blake on June 9 at Studio 21 in Bklyn. Jen Bervin is a total delight as an artist, poet, and as a person! She's equal parts writer and fine artist and she holds a special place in my heart not just for her character but also for her fine use of paper, fabric, thread, and poetry to some heart-aching and lovely effects. If you don't live in NYC you can see Jen's web book online through Ugly Duckling Presse.
Okay, then... Ta ta for now!


  1. Katrina! I saw on your blog earlier in the week that you were suddenly going to be road tripping, so I thought I was going to miss meeting you while I'm out here in SF. It sounds like you're back and that I'll get to see you... I hope so!

  2. (amy, yes i will see you at your show tomorrow night at rare device. i can't wait to see you and your work in person! i'm certain the show will be gorgeous! see you soon...)

  3. Oooh, the poetry reading sounds fantastic!


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