4 Things...

Hello friends! A few things to report this morning...
  1. I posted a guest blog for Stash Studios over the weekend. It's an updated version of an older post about junking as family lineage, green shopping choice, and creative endeavor. This post is complete with new photo diptychs from my Beloved Junk series.
  2. I learned from the lovely Erin at Design for Mankind that there's a great little call for submissions for The Canvas Project at the Art House Co-op. I just sent my $16 for 5 canvases that each measure 3" by 3". I can't wait for them to arrive! I sometimes love having guidelines for artmaking, especially when the product is so tiny. I have a handful of ideas for this already. Wahoo!
  3. There is also a poetry contest over at Omnidawn Press, should you have a manuscript of 60-90 pages of poems. My little written love is still hovering around 140 pages so I won't be submitting but maybe you should!
  4. And lastly, I have been doing some Flickr research lately and I came across this blog which makes me swoon. I think Nina actually has as many creative loves as I do. Oh, dear land of the internet art connections, how I do adore you!


  1. Thanks for your nice words about my blog! I have been reading yours for a while, and we seem to share a chair-addiction... (I've just been writing about it on my blog). It looks you have some great examples!

  2. love stash....love erin
    and i love this blog.
    now iam off to go check out
    this canvas deal.


  3. thank you, nina, for visiting here. i'm really thrilled to have found your blog and your work. and kelly, thank you for the blog love and right back atcha! i get excited every time you have a new post. xoxo, k.

  4. You are such a sweetie--- I so hope you enter the canvas project! ;)


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.