About the Birds and the Bees

So there's this gorgeous patch of lavender by our fronts steps and it's currently perfectly in bloom and super indulgently fragrant. But I didn't realize until recently that this lavender patch was also full of bees. Oh swoon! So on Sunday morning I sat very still by the lavender patch in order to earn some bee photos that were up-close-and-personal. I sat very quietly and surrendered to the process of photography and learned the very same lesson I learn every time I try to observe wildlife--whether I'm in the city of Oakland or the forests of Oregon--it's always more rewarding if I stop trying to "do" anything and just sit very still. Right! So I sat patiently and took the shot above.

And then I sat in another position and took the shot above. And after a good 30- 45 minutes I finally took this shot (below), which was THE SHOT I wanted to take all along-- lavender in focus in foreground, lavender out-of-focus in background, sunlight on bee in focus in foreground and bee had to be in flight:

But you know what the funny thing is, right? Of course when I downloaded the photos to my computer and began to edit through them I realized that THE SHOT was not my favorite shot after all. It was the shot I wanted, the shot I finally got, the shot that made me go back inside and carry on with my day, but it wasn't my favorite shot. Of course, my favorite ones were the ones that left a little bit more to the imagination, winked a little bit at the process of experimentation, and ultimately left a little bit of the story untold. My favorite shots offered a bit of playfulness and ultimately a bit of resistance to THE SHOT. And so, in the end, these two UN-shots were my favorites:


  1. I loooove when that happens! :)

  2. kudos to your patience - great photos
    love the detail

  3. Shauna6/27/2008

    sweeter than a honey bee, you are! love those pics!

    and congradulations on turning one hundred! your blog couldn't be more full of life!!!


  4. I may not ahve a tea label collection, but I'm completely hooked on lavender too! I have a lot of it on my roof terrace and I'm planning much more of it, cause it's so beautiful and in bloom basically all the time. And the smell always reminds me of holidays in France... Beautiful photos!


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