Be Back Soon...

I'm heading off for a week's vacation. An actual vacation without a freelance project, or a work trip for my sweetheart, or a major holiday, or any dear friend's wedding, or even a family event! My gosh, how decadent. And necessary. We are heading to Northern California, Oregon, and Washington for one entire week. Amen.

I am not taking my manuscript. I am not taking my laptop. I am not even taking the few projects I have in the makes in the studio. I'm only taking my cameras, a brand new sketch pad, and a recent copy of two favorite magazines (Esopus and Art on Paper). But I made this little photo for you before I left: Be back soon.


  1. You wise girl. A week unplugged? Sounds lovely.

    We'll miss you.

  2. Enjoy your time, a true luxury in this information age.


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