On the Road Again...

(One of my first self-portrait photo shoots. On the road from CA to NY w/ D in 2002.)

Well it seems my sweetheart has somehow become responsible for getting a theater set from Tempe, AZ to Napa, CA by Thursday morning. And it somehow seems I've been hired to fly down there with him, help load the set, and then help drive the set back up to Oakland. And it seems there's some part of me that just loves a road trip, regardless of the other 17 things I had planned to do in the next 3 days! It seems that tomorrow morning, I'm flying to Phoenix. It seems that Wednesday morning, I'll be driving a big 'ol truck from AZ to CA. Oh, lawrdy!

And oh, lawrdy, I love the road. Something has certainly changed since Kerouac did it. And something has certainly changed since 1999 when I drove coast-to-coast for the very first time. But something still spins around in me with all its might and muse when my mind is able to wander the landscape and the long windy roads listening to loud music with the windows rolled down in the midst of a long road trip. I know, it's a frigin' ecological nightmare! I know, I know. And so I'm going to balance my creative carbon footprint this trip with a little makeshift handmade project and a whole bunch of creative reuse. It will have to be just as under-planned as this trip and certainly just as adventurous!

With that, I'll see you in just a few days. Honk your horn and wave if you pass us. If this performance set is anything like the usual, we might be hauling a live pig, a few dozen pounds of roses, or does anyone remember the epic Pina Bausch whale tail in her performance Ten Chi? Oh, the magical Pina.


  1. Shauna6/03/2008

    Honk! Honk! Ya'll come back soon now, ya hear? Have fun!!!

  2. road trip = music to my ears. (although admittedly, i've never been carrying a pig in tow!)

  3. Great early photos, thanks for sharing!
    Have a great adventure!


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