Photos From Our Trip: Down by the River

Another photo series from our trip. This series is awaiting some Photoshop time before it's complete. But in the meantime, here is one of my favorites from the series. Happy weekend to you and 117 thanks for your kind comments on my photos this week-- it means a bunch.


  1. Anonymous6/21/2008

    hello loverly gal! I love your new obsession, and the nostalgia creation thing is really DEEP!!! I walk around old world here and see some amazing TTV opportunity. After learning about it from you, I showed Fabio and he was so intrigued that he has already built a contraption (already had the camera)and has gone wild!
    I have started blogging on blogger again, too. xxxxoo ambra

  2. hello katrina. this is my all time favorite. what a beauty!!!

  3. katrina-lee!!! i love love love this shot. beauty twirling down the river rocks, boots, clacking on smooth stones, skirt spinning~ a dervish. so much, so green, so alive! xoxo, v.

  4. Chris Brown6/23/2008

    This is a GREAT shot Kat.

  5. thank you, dear friends! there's a handful of photos from this series so maybe i'll show you some more later this week. although, admittedly, this one was my favorite. xoxo, k.


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