Photos from our Trip: Erik's Garden

Hello dear blog friends. This week I'm going to post some photos from our recent trip to Northern California and Oregon. I'll be posting TTVs once I've sent them through the Photoshop loop and I'll post some digital non-TTVs from our rambling ways. And once I shoot the rest of this roll of Polaroids, I'll scan those little lovelies and then post them here too. So, here's the first set of photos from our trip: Erik's Garden.


  1. Totally digging these earlier today as I was on flickr looking for a headshot for a promo. Hope you don't mind.

  2. dear cheryl, i don't mind. and i'm glad you are taking a browse through my flickr world. and i am about to visit your world for some junking gender debate! thanks for the invite... xoxo,k.


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